NVG Invite

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North Valley Gymnastics
20815 N 28th St

Phoenix, AZ 85050



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All parents are asked to work at least 3 hours. You can donate your time to the team or you can request a $10 per hour credit on your account.​


Saturday March 7th

Male and Female Ages 15+

Andi, Jace, Maddy, Jazz, Kate, Katherine, Josie, Inna, Molly

4:45 pm Arrive

5:30pm General Warm Up

6:20pm March In

9:00pm Awards


Sunday March 8th

12 & Under Females

Greta, Maggie, Madi, Carly, Alissa, Julia, Skylar, Harper, Kenadie,

8:45am Arrive

9:30am March In

11:30 am Awards


14 & Under Males

Raylan, Jackson, Jagger, Emmett, Nathan

11:45am Arrive

12:30pm March In

3:00 pm Awards


13-14 Females

Jordan, Jaclyn, Anna, Bryna

3:15pm Arrive

4:00pm March In

6:00 pm Award

Girls: Competition leo, leggings, slides, all white ankle socks and warm up jackets. No undergarments may be visible at any time (including bra straps or sports bras). No jewelry, nail polish or earrings. Hair slicked back into a bun or braided into a bun. 


Boys: Competition Leo, pants, shorts, slides, all white ankle socks and Warm Ups.


Things to keep in your bag:

Trampoline shoes, Clean solid white ankle socks, nail polish remover, hair brush, hair ties, healthy snack.

Hair Ideas:

Please use the slack app should you need immediate assistance from Chelsea or Caitlin.