Regional Championships Meet Info 



Santa Clara Convention Center

5001 Great America Pkwy

Santa Clara, CA 95054

General Information

This meet will run as a  “flighted meets." There will be an “Athlete Only” staging area. This is where the athletes will go when they arrive. Coach Angela from the girls team at NVG will be back there to meet the athletes before they compete. 

I suggest you set a “meeting point" with your athlete at the venue. When they are done competing if they have a break between events, they can meet you and sit in the stands or leave for food, shopping, etc.

Please notice the column on the schedule that says “Staging” This is the time they need to be in the athlete only area. The Start time is the time they will actually compete that event. I would come a little early to the venue just to make sure you have time to look around and get situated.

Please arrive to each event/ warm up/ training in your team warm ups (girls black leggings and NVG jackets, boys adidas pants and NVG jackets wear your slides and you trampoline shoes). No undergarments may be visible at any time (including bra straps or sports bras or boys underwear). No jewelry, nail polish or earrings. Hair slicked back into a bun or braided into a bun. 

Boys will wear new Leos and black shorts on competition days. 

 For training All girls will wear the NVG tank Leo. Boys will wear comp leo and shorts UNLESS they have the all black leo with lines black competition shorts. All girls need to have hair done for training and no undergarments may be visible at any time (including bra straps or sports bras). No jewelry, nail polish or earrings.

For Finals all athletes should have a finals leotard to wear. If you do not please let me know asap.

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Special Notice Regarding Awards Ceremony

Athletes placing in the top 10 must be in awards staging at the conclusion of that competitive session. Level 9s and 10s will be awarded in prelims as well as the top 3 after finals.

Elite awards will be given after the finals only to the top 3.

Athlete Conduct Agreement

As a member of the NVG Team, each athlete will be expected to assume the following responsibilities when representing NVG. Athletes are a selected representative of North Valley Gymnastics and their behavior must, at all times, be that of a member of NVG. Non-compliance of these requirements can result in dismissal from the team and removal of all credentials and privileges associated with the team.

As a member of the NVG athletes will:

1. Attend A L L training sessions and demonstrate a willingness to successfully complete assignments.

2. Attend all team meals.

3. Absolutely refrain from any drugs, tobacco products or alcohol (This includes E-Cigarettes and vaporizers).

4. Immediately report any medical problems to Team Coaches who will inform the necessary personnel.

5. Communicate with, respect and support the designated coaches at all times.

6. Respect and support my teammates, support staff and host club.

7. Be prompt and attentive when addressed by a Coach.

8. Be responsible for items necessary for training and the competition. (I.e. Pre - wrap, tape, etc.)

9. Be prepared for a “mock” meet or verification at any time. I understand training alterations due to injury or illness will be communicated by the coach prior to workout.

10. Follow the daily schedule determined by Chelsea

11. Have all the required apparel with me, in good condition and properly fitted. I understand that undergarments must not be visible during training or competition.

12. Know and execute with excellence the Team warm up.

13. Remain a part of the team and adhere to the team schedule until dismissed by the coaches.

14. Shall not willfully tolerate Prohibited Conduct

15. Has the duty to report any actions that may constitute Prohibited Conduct, or any suspicions that Prohibited Conduct has occurred.

Host Hotels

Please make sure to book your rooms by the cut off dates the first week in April using the online booking site. 

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* When you book your room you only need to include adults over 18 on your reservation

Booking through the link helps increase event revenue which goes directly to NVG and the Elite Athletes.


This meet is not possible with out all of you. We ask that every family volunteer  1 session OR set/tear down. Elite athletes are required to volunteer for the region in addition to volunteering for NVG.

All Volunteers will receive 1 free day admission for every session volunteered. 

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