What should gymnasts eat?

Dietary intake is critically important for a gymnast.

During practice, gymnasts do not have the ability to access stored tissue, especially while doing gymnastics skills. In order to protect themselves, they need readily available energy that has been stored in their liver, blood, and muscles.

It Starts with Breakfast

To start the day of right it’s important for gymnasts to eat a healthy breakfast. Don’t let this one go by the wayside and miss this critical time to eat.

Check out this video to learn what to eat for breakfast:

Once breakfast is done, we have to continue eating every 2 hours to ensure our athletes continue to recover from their previous practice, and begin to create stores for the coming practice.

During the school year (and summer if they have afternoon practice) athletes should be eating at least every 2 hours. These are the meals they should eat:

1) Breakfast

2) Mid-morning snack

3) Lunch

4) Pre-workout snack

5) Mid-workout snack

6) Dinner for gymnasts

Just before practice the pre-workout snack is critical to protecting the athlete and getting those last minute carbohydrates into the body. A perfect example of what an athlete can use is a peanut banana sandwich.

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